Sunday, April 12, 2009


Dear Friend,
I work at a store. It's not a large or extremely expensive store; it's reasonably priced and the expected quality that cheap labour creates.
While I am not, what I would consider "greedy" I do like my material possessions. Some of them very much.
However it is the greed of the everyday person that can still shock me.
I watch person after person pull out their plastic god from their wallets, swiping to get what they believe will make them happy.
I watch card after card get declined, only to have them shout in happiness and relief when the third card works and they can purchase their $300.00 worth of items.
In my mind I see bills, debt, a giant hole in which they are digging themselves ever deeper. Is it the belief that if you buy this thing, it will make you happy?
It's true of course.
Material things do make you happy - but it is a fleeting happiness. You're happy until it wears out, runs out, becomes obsolete or something else comes and tempts you along.
Am I a materialist? Yes I am.
I love my stuff, the junk that fills up my life. Like a child, I cling to it and scream when it's taken away.
Can I excuse and justify myself by saying I was born this way? That I came into a world where stuff means everything? Where paper bills are enough to kill and be killed for? That I will strive my entire life just to have more stuff that clutters my life?
I can try.
But I believe that every person, in some sense, truly hates money. That we are a willing slave to it.
Money makes the world go 'round, it's said. I believe that it is the love of money that makes the world go around.
We are the ones that put value into money. Money itself is no more then paper and metal.
Dear friend, I know this sounds like idealistic garbage that no person could change; and I would agree. No one can change this.
And tomorrow I will work again for money, and spend money, and stash money away.
But I can't help but be disgusted.

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